Apr. 19, 2019


As we travel Holy Week, and remember the Passion of Christ, and Christ carrying the Cross to Calvary, we call to mind our own crosses, and how we carry those each day. We are reminded of those people that we help every day to carry their crosses.

Each day at Hospitality House, we try to help our guests with their crosses to get them to a life of sustainability...a life where the cross isn’t so heavy.

As with each one of us, that cross is not easy to carry...our personal road is full of twists and turns...never a straight path...sometimes very rocky and hard to travel...there are sometimes mountains to climb, hurdles to jump…

Our volunteers are here every day to help navigate that path called LIFE.

We are reminded of the struggles that our guests face every day….life is very fragile...we see the crosses of broken family ties, no jobs, substance abuse addiction, no jobs,  mental health issues... the crosses in their lives become too heavy.  God reaches out and takes their hands, and leads them home..The Easter message...the message of LOVE and SALVATION for all… This is the story of the suffering, death, and RESURRECTION of the Risen Christ.

Happy Easter!