Jan. 2, 2019

On The Wings of An Angel...

On the Wings of An Angel....

Someone donated some pendants to be given to our guests for Christmas...some were crosses and some were angel wings.

We let our guests choose which they would like.

Yesterday morning, one guest arrived. He normally is VERY quiet...doesn't talk...and really prefers not be making any connection.

Yesterday morning...he walked in smiling...we have NEVER seen him smile. I asked, "How are you today?"...totally expecting a grunt of some sort.

Nope...I got another smile...and he wanted to share his happiness. He had a court date yesterday morning and the case was dropped. He was beyond HAPPY!

He can now proceed with getting an apartment. He will not have an eviction on his record...he can get into the place he wants to live...he does have a monthly income.

He looked me in the eye...held up his pendant of angel wings in his fingers and said...'THis is what did it for me today. This is what brought me a good outcome. I had an angel with me. I was blessed with this."

THen, having been needing a belt (a small thing to most of us, right???)...I had asked on facebook the day before for a belt if someone could help out. Yep....in walked a group of belts...two were perfect in his size.

He smiled, and said..."My angel wings are really working..."

Yes...he did have an angel...we have a Village of Angels here at Hospitality House in the donors and volunteers.

Thank you...all for being the angels in disguise...the Village.