Jun. 20, 2018

God Winks...Again!

No one comes into our lives by accident...I am a firm believer in God being the Master planner. This is long...but worth the read!

Seven years ago, a guest came to Hospitality House. He had been living outside in the dog park in Cedar Falls during the winter for several months. On Sunday, he would go to TWO church services...not only food for the soul, but definitely warmed the body with the hot chocolate and cappuccino that they had to offer. At one of the churches a man offered to take him to lunch one Sunday, not knowing that he was homeless. Our guest never told him he was homeless...not knowing what the reaction would be toward him.

Our guest stayed here at Hospitality House for a couple months, sleeping in the basement on a cot when his time at the overnight shelters expired. He had gotten a third shift job and was saving his money for an apartment.

When he was moving, he cleaned out his backpack, and found THE pair of sox that he had when he arrived here. The one and only pair of sox. They were tattered, torn, worn and thin. Almost shreds. He was going to throw those sox away. NOT SO MUCH!! Those sox say a thousand words about the life of a homeless person., THey now are proudly displayed in a shadow box on the dining room serving table. A reminder to everyone about the hardships of homelessness.

Recently, Candeo Church was serving a meal here. I started to tell the "sox story"...and one of the men serving spoke up, and said..." I remember this man. He was coming to church alone each week, and I just felt a push from God to approach him and offer to take him to lunch. " He even remembered the homeless person's name after all these years passed. I was able to tell the Candeo server that our guest had talked many times about the kindness of someone taking him to lunch...that was a gesture that touched his heart and life forever.

I was able to give this person a copy of the picture of the sox.

We never know how a small kindness on our part will touch the life of someone forever.....I know that God put this person in place to serve last night here.