Dec. 3, 2016

Bloom amidst Challenge

Bloom where you are planted! We've all heard those words.  Ever think about it in relationship to someone in a homeless situation?  Sometimes, we have trouble blooming...with lots of care and nuturing from our enviornment and our friends who are there to help and guide us.  Put yourself in a situation where you either are staying outside or staying in an emergency homeless to the area, broken family, maybe just out of the correctional system, maybe facing an addiction and trying to overcome it, jobless...and you are trying to "bloom".

Not an easy task.  That's what we try to help with at  Hospitality House...we try to be the care and nuturing, the fertilizer if you will,  trying to replace the rocky soil with firm, new soil... that helps our guests to bloom again...both emotionally and grow, to become self-sufficient.