Phantom Ball...It's not a ball...

It’s the Ball that really isn’t a ball at all!

October 4 - 12, 2019

You see, the Phantom Ball is a non-event; it’s designed as the most comfortable fundraiser in which you will ever participate. You don’t have to wear uncomfortable shoes and stand on your feet all night because there is no event. You don’t have to eat dry chicken or cold green beans at a table of strangers because there is no event. You don’t have to arrange for a babysitter or sit through a boring PowerPoint and monotone guest speaker because there is no event.

Have you ever asked yourself “Can’t I just send a check, do I actually have to go?”

Well, here’s your opportunity! You can just send a check!

Mail your check to:

Hospitality House
1003 Mulberry St.
Waterloo, IA 50703

Go to our Facebook page and click on Phantom Ball post  to donate....

October 10 is designated as National Homeless Day.
We are asking for your support as we continue the mission of helping those that are homeless and marginalized to become sustainable once again.

Suggested FUN donation levels include:

$25 to $49 – Stay home in your Snuggie with your family and miss the ball.
$50 – $99 – Miss the ball and buffet which would consist of dry chicken and cold green beans.

Your help is greatly appreciated....Remember, you don't have to go anywhere....
Rock the Phantom Ball!!!